Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2022

‘CURSES’ Is the Angsty, Witchy, ’90s-Inspired Video Game Your Teen Self Would Have Loved

curses the game is angry angsty witch fun

I am always on the hunt for video games that are able to take point-and-click simplicity and turn into something engaging. When I first heard of CURSES, a new work from Killjoy Games, it sounded right up my alley.

In this hand-drawn, point-and-click, narrative-driven game where emotions are centered, you play Girl—a 1990s teenager whose family life has ensnared her mind in a web of dark feelings that she finally decides to act on. From inside her room, and with the negging of her familiar, you will use the magic items in her room (tarot cards) and other activities to help choose your path. You can set Girl down the bridge of revenge and curse everyone else. Or you can choose to care about yourself. The narrative path is determined by the which emotions and feelings you choose to explore as the play, which lead to ten unique endings. There are also smaller mini-games to fit whatever mood you were feeding.

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