Published On: Sat, Jun 4th, 2022

Burger King Austria Releases Pride Month Whoppers to Represent Tops and Bottoms … I Mean Equality

Burger King

In the spirit of everyone tasting the rainbow for the next couple of weeks, Burger King’s branch in Austria has thrown its hat into the inclusivity ring with a Pride Whopper. As a Black disaster bi, I know that this comes with the territory of the month (with a double dose on Juneteenth). Toothbrushes are gonna get rainbow variants along with mouthwash, sunglasses, and whatever else fits on an endcap at Target. And look, I’m not immune to the attempts. I grew up in a time when no one would ever dream of featuring a “my wife, from your wife” anniversary card, so some of these corporations get an “awwwww” from me. That being said, this Burger King Whopper? Hilarious. Just… what is it even supposed to MEAN???

Choices were made

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