Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2022

Black Adam’s Success Points Out the Frustrating Reality of Comic Book Media Criticism

black adam who is who

Despite a less than favorable 40% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, Black Adam is currently climbing through DC Universe barriers with not just a 90% in audience response, but a domestic box office total of $ 111 million. And that’s only after a week. At this point, it could be the most successful film for the DCU at the box office since Aquaman.

Whenever the topic of being a Marvel shill comes up, it annoys me because reviewers don’t get paid, and if these studios can’t pay their VFX teams, why would they pay us? That being said, I do feel, at times, like there is a bit more grace given to Marvel by reviewers, even when their work is middling, than there is to DC. And to a degree, I get it. Until Wonder Woman, the offerings from the studio were meager, with Man of Steel being the only somewhat successful outing. I mean, this is the studio that couldn’t make Batman v Superman stick the landing. Since then, however, we have seen some fun stuff coming from the DCU. But fun doesn’t mean not generic.

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