Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2022

‘Black Adam’ SDCC 2022 Trailer Has Me Excited To See Where DC Takes an Anti-Hero

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

One of the many trailers shown at SDCC 2022 was another of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upcoming DC Comics film, Black Adam, which teases the fact that the titular character will be much more of an anti-hero than a hero.

When he was first introduced, the character of Black Adam was a villain. An ancient Egyptian named Teth/Theo-Adam (depending on the incarnation), he was granted the power of the gods, much like Shazam was. Black Adam had the powers of the Egyptian gods (Shu (stamina), Hershef (strength), Amon (power), Zehuti (Thoth) (wisdom), Anpu (speed), and Menthu (courage)), but decided to become evil. As a result, the wizard who gave him his powers banished him to the furthest star. 3000 years later, he would go up against Shazam and was the character’s major rival for some time.

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