Published On: Sat, Sep 3rd, 2022

Best Slasher Movies of All Time, Ranked (’90s Edition)

gale hiding from ghostface in Scream 2

Slashers are top tier in my book, as far as subgenres go. It’s been said to death, but it’s true that without slashers, horror wouldn’t be where it is. Black Christmas (1974), for instance, helped pioneer for all the slashers that followed it and helped shape how horror would carry on in terms of its villains especially—though I’m not here to talk about the best slashers across every era. I’m going to hold open the box and present you with the best ’90s slashers.

“Why the ’90s?” you ask? Well this was a decade that gave us some of the most iconic slashers ever, making a ranking particularly challenging. Therefore, I’ve decided to rank them by how likable their protagonists are. Super original, right? Right. A slasher with awful protagonists means their potential demise is just … satisfying. Sorry.

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