Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2022

Best ‘One Piece’ Movies, Ranked

Luffy watching Uta's concert in One Piece FIlm: Red

One Piece celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. The length of the series has come to be a joke in and of itself, with people who have not been Converted wondering if the 1000 episode-plus anime or nearly 1100-chapter manga could possibly be worth it. (It is.) So, if you want to dip in your toe, you might think about checking out one of the One Piece movies. The problem is that, with the release of One Piece Film: Red, there are 15 of those. Which one, if any, are worth a watch?

I’m someone who was encouraged to start watching One Piece after first watching some of the movies. So I can tell you from experience that, while none of the films are canonical, they can be an excellent way to get you excited about One Piece‘s universe and characters. Not all of them are worth watching, though. Some are very bad. Here are the ones that I’d recommend checking out, in order of excellence.

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