Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2022

Are There Plans to Make a Season 2 of Hit ‘League of Legends’ Series ‘Arcane’?

The characters of Arcane.

When Arcane, a Netflix show based on the game League of Legends, hit screens in late 2021, people initially seemed hesitant at the idea that a show like this could be any good. However, most of those doubters were quickly proven wrong. The in-depth lore of League of Legends proved to make this show what it was—a smashing success.

Critics quickly raved about Arcane’s quality, and viewers of the show shared the same sentiment. Generally speaking, many people agreed that even people who had never played or even heard of League of Legends would enjoy this show. But after the last episode aired toward the end of November, fans were left with a single nagging question: When does the next season air?

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