Published On: Wed, Apr 13th, 2022

Andrew Yang’s Bipartisan Message Earns Mockery on Twitter

Andrew Yang speaks to media outside.

What would you do if you were a multi-millionaire? Would you travel the world and broaden your horizons? Would you create charities help those less fortunate? Or would you flush your money down the toilet on a series of ill-advised and ego-driven bids at political office? If you’re Andrew Yang, Howard Schultz, Michael Bloomberg, or Tom Steyer, you’re choosing what’s behind door number 3. But while many of these men are taking a break post-2020, Andrew Yang is still hard at work, cranking out out-of-touch takes and bad opinions for all the world to hear.

When he’s not railing against porn, dismissing mental health, or enjoying a slice of Sbarro’s pizza (NYC’s best!) in Times Square‘s subway station, the failed presidential and New York City mayoral candidate continues to beat the drum of “bipartisanship” in an effort to win over voters while simultaneously alienating them. Yang wrote, “Lincoln won the presidency on the brand new Republican ticket in 1860 with 39.8% in a four-way race. He took a Democrat, Andrew Johnson as his running mate in 1864.”

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