Published On: Tue, Apr 5th, 2022

Amy Schumer Proudly Shares a Trashed Joke From The Oscars That Should Have Stayed in the Bin

Amy Schumer talking on the Oscars stage

Amy Schumer quickly went from someone who was genuinely kind of funny to a person that constantly says things that you just wish she wouldn’t—not in the sexist “female comedians should act like this” sort of way but rather in the “why must you consistently say terrible things and just pretend it is comedy?” kind of way. And the Oscars were a great example of how her humor doesn’t really work anymore.

The Oscars went from an okay ceremony to the talk of the town after what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock and it is something that Amy Schumer has felt the need to make herself the center of, despite not being on stage or part of that segment of the show in any way!

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