Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2023

All the New ‘One Piece’ Lore Hinted at in ‘One Piece Film: Red’

Shanks being a goddamn steam show machine in One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red is a goddamn delight, and that goes for longtime fans and series newcomers alike. However, this is a movie based on an ongoing anime / manga series, and as such, there’s bound to be details that hit different for fans. The two most recent One Piece films share two characteristic features: One is the quick, somewhat forced cameos that might have newcomers wondering, for example, why some lady named “Big Mom” is a big deal. (I did enjoy saying “hello” to Big Mom in Red, I’ll admit it.)

More intriguingly, recent One Piece films have also started teasing new canonical lore. Which is interesting, because none of the events of any One Piece film are canon. And yet Red‘s predecessor, Stampede, dropped that the name of the final island which holds the One Piece wasn’t “Raftel,” as everyone in the series had previously said, but Laugh Tale. This possibly new tradition was continued in Red, and given its position at the beginning of One Piece‘s final saga, it seemed to tease some pretty major new lore for the series.

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