Published On: Mon, May 9th, 2022

All the Gods From Mythology in the MCU, Ranked


Now that Moon Knight‘s finale has aired, let’s rank all the gods from mythology in the MCU! This ranking is a very scientific, carefully calibrated list based on numerous traits and personality features. (Also, it’s just for fun, so please don’t get mad.) To make the list, an MCU god has to a) have a counterpart in actual mythology, and b) have at least a few minutes of screen time in at least one Marvel movie. So, Bast, Sylvie, Hathor, and other gods—while awesome in their own right—don’t qualify for this particular list. However, a god still makes the list if they’re actually an alien or robot.

The rankings will be updated after Thor 4 shows us the Olympians, so check back then!

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