Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2022

All Dragon Age 2 Romances, Ranked

Dragon Age 2 Cover Hawke

After no news for years, fans of the video game series Dragon Age have recently had two big announcements. EA Games released the title of the next game in the series and literally nothing else about it. Literally, all we know is it is called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and is a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition. We also got an amazingly wonderful animated series on Netflix called Dragon Age: Absolution.

I don’t know about other Dragon Age nerds, but all this news put me in the mood to re-play the series for the 700th time. Unfortunately, Dragon Age II may not be the best outing for the franchise. From the repetitive and limited maps, to only being able to play as a human, it feels constraining after the expansive first game. However, I love Dragon Age II. The visuals are beautifully done (I could look at my female warrior Hawke character for hours) and the romances are some of my favorites in the series. With all the amazing options, it is hard to pick who Hawke’s true love will be.

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