Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2022

After All These Years, the Cell Saga Is Still My Favorite ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Arc

Gohan in the Cell Saga

In a few weeks Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released in theaters. The movie focuses on the army that can’t take a hint (the Red Ribbon Army) and another attempt at unleashing some devastating Androids with a twist—Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 call themselves superheroes. What has me excited about the movie is how all of the promotional material puts Gohan front and center. The second official trailer even ends with a narration of Piccolo telling Gohan that he has the potential to become the most powerful being on Earth. It sounds like the movie will have a lot of Gohan giving it his all, which makes me think back to my favorite Dragon Ball Z saga of all time: the Cell Saga.

Like a lot of anime fans, I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z. I still remember waiting years to see the continuation of Goku’s arrival on Namek, leading to his iconic battle against Frieza and the first time we’d see anyone go Super Saiyan. I thoroughly enjoy the Frieza Saga and everything that came before it (let me tell you how stressed I was during Goku vs Vegeta), but it’s what came after Frieza that really made me appreciate the progression of Dragon Ball Z’s story. Not only does the Cell Saga give us one of the franchise’s most terrifying villains, but it has our heroes facing some pretty monumental challenges while presenting us with something that didn’t seem possible: a world without Goku.

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