Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2022

Adam Scott’s New Photoshoot as Sam Malone From ‘Cheers’ Has Broken Me

Adam Scott at an award show

When in doubt, there’s nothing like a good Adam Scott picture to lift my spirits. Recently, I’ve been blessed with a number of them because he’s been nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Apple TV+ series Severance and is doing interviews and talking with people about the show. Now though, he’s decided it’s time to completely derail my life, as he is wont to do, with a new photoshoot I haven’t stopped thinking about for days. (This is your general reminder that my cat is named after an Adam Scott character, so this is par for the course with me.)

In a new profile for W Magazine, Scott posed as Sam Malone from Cheers for their TV Portfolio issue, and when I tell you that I felt my soul leave my body when I saw this picture, I mean it. Sam Malone was played by Ted Danson on the show and I, personally, didn’t realize my love for Sam ran as deep as it does until Danson pretended to be a bartender as Michael on The Good Place and did the Sam Malone towel flip, and I sobbed on my couch for hours. Scott he chose to pay homage to Sam Malone in his photoshoot, and that honestly just makes this so much worse for me.

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