Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2022

A First Look at CRASHING, the New Comic That’s Like ‘The Boys’ Meets ‘Nurse Jackie’

Panel from CRASHING comic book series

IDW has a new comic with a concept so ingenious you have to wonder how this isn’t a TV show yet. The five-part miniseries CRASHING follows a doctor who must navigate the perils of treating superpowered clients while struggling with her own self-destructive tendencies and imploding relationships. Part emergency room drama with a super-spin and part deep dive into what it means to be human, CRASHING is on its way from writer Matthew Klein and artist Morgan Beem in fall 2022. We got a first look at the evocative art and story Klein and Beem are bringing to the page.

Panel from the comic book CRASHING

Here’s the official CRASHING synopsis from IDW:

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