Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2022

99.5% of HarperCollins Union Vote in Favor to Initiate a Strike For Equitable Pay

HarperCollins Local 2110 of the UAW union authorizes to strike. Image: HarperCollins Union UAW 2110 and Alyssa Shotwell.

Since December 31, 2021, HarperCollins Publishers employees, part of the United Auto Workers Local 2110 (UAW) union, have been working without a contract as negotiations continue. These union members come from across HarperCollins (owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp), from marketing to editorial. Initially, the contract was set to expire a year earlier but was extended due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Now, halfway through 2022, the UAW workers set a vote to initiate a strike. When that vote took earlier this week, 99.5% of the members voted to authorize a strike.

The majority-women workers have been pushing for fairer pay, family leave, and meaningful action regarding diversity and equity rather than the lip-service. Regarding pay, the average starting salary is about $ 45,000, with publishing centrally located in expensive cities like New York City and Boston. Newscorp reported net sales (this accounts for subtracting acquisition sales) to be up 14% in 2021, with HarperCollins raking in almost two billion dollars. That’s $ 2,000,000,000! While some of this will drop off since people think the pandemic is over (it’s not), it’s not like these issues brought up by UAW didn’t exist before.

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