Published On: Tue, Jun 21st, 2022

8 of Our All-Time Favorite LGBTQ+ YA Novels

Two young men walk along a cityscape in the book cover for 'They Both Die in the End'

Despite the infuriating push for censorship and book banning in the United States, Young Adult (YA) LGBTQ+ literature is growing in prominence and popularity. These books are especially important for young readers who are questioning and exploring their sexual orientation and identity. While homophobic parents, people, and politicians try to paint these novels as “corrupting” their kids, the truth is far from that. Instead, these books are uplifting, educational, affirming, and insightful.

Whether it is a protagonist discovering/accepting their identity, overcoming their fear to start a relationship, or navigating a world that doesn’t understand them, these books track and teach what being an LGBTQ+ youth really looks like. For young adults belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, these books allow them to see themselves and their own lives reflected in the books their read. Meanwhile, for those outside of the community, it shows young readers that LGBTQ+ youth are just the same as them.

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