Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2022

5 Shows to Watch If You Love ‘Yellowjackets’

jackie looking scared in Yellowjackets

Shows that explore the intricacies (fancy word, I know) of girlhood-womanhood (especially if you belong to multiple marginalized groups) are usually dark. Though the word ‘dark’ is usually perceived as negative (try to unpack that on your own), this brand of darkness is very comforting. Yellowjacketsfirst season allowed young girls to lose their shit on screen. And adult women, for that matter. Women who don’t have it all together, but also, don’t just exist to be saved by men. It captured just how messy surviving in this world is for some of us—especially when also grappling with past traumas and pain. The show wasn’t afraid to show women at their best and worst, to show women being complicated—being (all at once) fucked up and kind and scared and brutal and smart and loving. They refused to put their characters into an easily definable box or category. And that was a breath of fresh air.

Now, have there been many shows that mimic the events of Yellowjackets? Not entirely. But exploring girlhood and/or womanhood? With a somewhat or entirely dark tone throughout? Not unheard of whatsoever. Let’s hop around timelines with the following recommendations. If you liked Yellowjackets, chances are there’s a show on this list you’ll also love.

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