Published On: Sun, Jan 1st, 2023

2022 Was the (Hopefully Last) Year of the Rich Fake-Genius

The main cast of Netflix's 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' pose in a promotional image

Perhaps more than any previous year, 2022 made us realize, in both real life and fiction, that billionaires are not inherently more intelligent and better than everyone else. From Jurassic World: Dominion and The Glass Onion, to Elon Musk and the fall of crypto/NFTs, here’s to hoping we learn our lesson for 2023 and stop trusting these rich idiots.

IRL billionaire embarrassments

Elon Musk

Somehow, no billionaire has done more for banishing the myth of the rich genius than Elon Musk. His buyout of Twitter has allowed the whole world to see for themselves the ridiculous shortsightedness of his “leadership” abilities, in addition to his general lack of common sense. This crack in the facade is making people look twice at the “richest man in the world.”

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