Published On: Sun, Oct 30th, 2022

10 Worst Sexy Movie and TV Costumes, Ranked

"Sexy" Buzz Lightyear costume cropped.

There are so many ways to go with a Halloween costume, and one route that’s a popular choice is to make it flirty and sexy. There are so many fun options to choose from in this department, but there are definitely some costume designers who have taken the “sexy ____” idea too far. Here are 10 of the worst sexy TV and movie costumes out there.

10. Mary Poppins

"Sexy" Mary Poppins costume.

The standard formula for creating a sexy costume is to take the regular version of an outfit and remove a bunch of fabric from it (not literally, of course, but you know what I mean). When you do this with an outfit that’s supposed to be from a certain time period it often just looks strange, as this one does.

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