Published On: Sun, Jan 1st, 2023

10 Best Anime Openings of 2022, Ranked

In a still from the opening of 'Mob Psycho 100' part III, Reigen and Mob are in suits, looking at each other, with the words "one and only" in white against a black background

2022 was an all-time great year for anime. We got tear-jerking finales, heart-warming moments galore, and an anime where a guy who can turn his arms into chainsaws befriends a female version of Eric Cartman. In short, it’s a year where we all won. And perhaps the most concise way to distill the quality of anime in 2022 is through one of the biggest staples in the genre: the OP.

Given the high in the medium in general, it only makes sense that 2022 was an amazing year for anime OPs, as well. Perhaps one of the most striking features of this year is how strongly songs used in anime performed on global music charts. Although I didn’t count film sequences in this list, this is the year a song from One Piece Film: Red displaced freaking Beyoncé in the global Apple Music charts. Add to that the success of songs like “Mixed Nuts” from Spy x Family, and we’re in a very exciting time indeed. Pop music used in OPs doing well on Japanese charts is nothing new. But both “Mixed Nuts” and songs like “Uta’s Lullaby” from Red have some incredibly adventurous moments in them. And they charted. Globally. This, for me, is thrilling.

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